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Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Movie Review: Simha Koduri was a big hit with his debut film ‘Matthu Vadalara’, but his second film ‘Thellavarithe Thursday’ failed to live up to expectations. After a gap of almost a year, he is back to us today with his new film ‘Dongalindu Zharya’ and the film has been promoted as the first survival thriller in Telugu. Let’s go into the detailed review of the movie to know if this movie will give the thrill of enjoying in the theater and if Simha Koduri can get success again.

Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Movie Review

the story

Raju, a petty thief, decides to rob an expensive SUV but soon realizes that the car is an inescapable trap. Here begins the king’s fierce race to survive inside the SUV, as the enemy from outside takes complete control of the car. What does the enemy really want? Was Raju deliberately targeted? Can the king survive? To know the answer to all these questions, you have to watch the entire movie.

Beware of thieves movie actors

While Sri Simha Koduri is playing the lead role, Samudrakhani and Preeti Asrani are playing other important roles in Dongalununa Jagratha. The film is directed by debutant Satish Tripura and produced by D.D. under Suresh Productions & Guru Films banner. Produced by Suresh Babu and Sunita Tati. Music by Kala Bhairava and Cinematography by Yashwant C. Gary is the editor.

movie name Beware of thieves
Director Satish Tripura
Actors Sri Simha Koduri, Samudrakhani and Preeti Asrani
Producers d. Suresh Babu, Sunita Tati
Music Kala Bhairava
Cinematography Yashwant C
OTT release date Not confirmed
OTT platform Not confirmed

How is the movie Beware of Thieves?

Actor Sri Simha Koduri is the son of noted music director MM Keeravani, but he is trying to make his mark in Telugu cinema by choosing different stories. Dongalununa Jagdar starts off interesting and creates some thrill, but the movie goes off track with some unnecessary comedy scenes in between. Although there are some thrilling scenes in the movie, we may feel that something is missing from the movie, which reduces the interest in the movie. There are some moments in the 1st half and later half that thrill and entertain the audience, but overall the movie is not interesting.

As far as acting is concerned, most of the scenes in the film focus on the protagonist trapped in a car and are shot in a closed & limited space, which forces the actor to perform in a lot of close shots. Simha Koduri tries his best with his acting throughout the film, but since most of the scenes are shot in close-ups, his inexperience is clearly noticeable. He has some comic timing, but when it comes to other emotions, Simha seems to struggle with his performance, but he can improve in future. Samudrakhani has a limited screen presence, but gives a good performance and all the other actors play their part in the cameos given to them.

Technically, thieves seem to care less. Background music by Kala Bhairava is good, his music adds to the thrill of certain scenes while watching on screen. Yashwant C’s cinematography should be appreciated for his efforts. Although most of the scenes were shot inside the vehicle, he tried to use different angles in the shots. The film’s production values ​​don’t matter.

Director Satish Tripura should be commended for choosing a survival thriller subject for his debut, but he could have focused more on thrilling sequences & logics to keep the audience hooked till the end of the movie. But his efforts should be appreciated for bringing a genre that was never attempted in Telugu.

Overall, Thieves Beware is a good survival thriller, but some scenes lack the thrill. If you want to watch the first survival thriller in Telugu anyway, you can watch it in theatres.

Plus Points:

  • background music
  • Cinematography

Minus Points:

  • Comedy scenes
  • acting
  • Thrill and logic are missing

Movie Rating: 2.75/5

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