Gaalodu Movie Review

Gaalodu Movie Review: Sudheer Sudheer became a superstar in the television industry but did few films as a hero to prove himself on the silver screen. Some performed well and others disappointed but without losing hope he came to us with another commercial film called Galodu, Galodu team promoted well, finally, the day to decide his fate came, that is November 18, 2022 today the movie released, ika without delay let’s find out if the movie is worth watching or not.

Gaalodu Telugu Movie Review

the story

Raju (Sudheer) is from a village where he lives in the middle of nowhere but he lands in Hyderabad on a mission where he falls in love at first sight with Sukla (Gehna Sippy) Just when everything is supposed to be going smoothly, Raju’s story takes a turn when the goons find out who the real Raju is. You have to watch the movie to know who it is.

Galodu movie actors

Sudheer Anand, Gehna Sippy, Saptagiri and Shakalaka Shankar are playing the lead roles in this movie directed by Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla Cinematography: C. Ram Prasad, Music: Bheems Cicerolio, Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla. The film is produced under the banner of Sanskrit Films.

movie namethe wind
DirectorRajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla
ActorsSudhir Anand, Gehna Sippy, Saptagiri, Shakalaka Shankar
ProducersRajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla
MusicBheem’s Cicerolio
CinematographyC. Ram Prasad
OTT release dateNot confirmed
OTT platformNot confirmed

How is the movie Galodu?

Gone are the days of commercial films, now audiences want new and different stories, but some directors still force audiences to watch their commercial films, but a film with the same commercial elements is Galodu, the film routinely starts with the introduction of the protagonist, and then a mass beat explaining the character of the hero, these are the characteristics of Galodu.

Some Sudheer mark comedy in the first half is good and some other comedians also try hard to make us laugh sadly it doesn’t work out, the first half ends with routine scenes, draggy screenplay and poor performances the second half is hard to watch the heroine has nothing but glamor and some comedy scenes.

Sudheer as Raju is the only one, we have seen Sudheer doing comedy but suddenly doing unbelievable action sequences on screen is hard to digest and it doesn’t suit him even better when he is doing more films as a hero choose comedies and Gehna Sippy has no scope but her film is full of glamor With breathless, Shakalaka Shankar and the rest of the cast are okay.

Raja Shekar Reddy came up with a routine story of Pulichars and completely failed to make the movie interesting.

Technically, Galodu is fine, Ramprasad’s cinematography is like typical commercial movies with heavy lighting and oversaturated colors, Bheem’s Cicerolio songs are not so much and his background score is regular.

Overall, Galodu is a routine commercial movie, if you are a fan of Sudheer Sudheer then watch it.

Plus Points:

  • Some comedy scenes

Minus Points:

  • the story
  • Screenplay
  • Music
  • Lack of emotion

Movie Rating: 2/5

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