The next 2K Games games seem to have leaked on the web

The next 2K Games games seem to have leaked on the web

E3 is fast approaching and we expect a lot of surprises from all the publishers in the industry. So not only are rumors circulating, Jason Schreir has confirmed the leak of the next games from 2K games. Although we remember to add a drop of salt as always, it gives us a lot of credit to keep going.

A spin-off for Borderlands or even a Marvel XCOM-like

Reddit users have released several future games that release 2K games with details of each. While this may seem plausible at first glance, the Bloomberg Press confirmation almost confirms this. Here we learn:

NBA 2K22

Sure, it’s not surprising for an annual game like NBA 2K, but the evidence reveals that the cover player could be Dirk Novitzky of Dallas Mavericks. It could also be about a possible “legend version”.
Wonderlands: Borderlands spin-off starring Tiny Tina
The official title may be Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (the gearbox is already invested in Europe). While “Multi-Class Heroes” is on the same nerve as other Borderlands, the game should highlight the famous crazy young lady. This is not the first time this spin-off rumor has surfaced.
New game provided by Firoxis Games (Civilization, XCOM …) under Marvel License
The code name CODA, similar to XCOM, describes different heroes in the Marvel universe. Needless to say, valuable actors need to duplicate different characters.
Vault: “Cthulhu Meets Saints line”
The game, codenamed “Vault”, is quite different from the list, with an action game called “Cthulhu Mets Saints Row”. The mix between the much-persecuted Lovecraft world and the more humorous Ella Saints Roy is intriguing. As Reddit users point out, Hangar13 (the studio behind Mafia Games), currently in 2K, can create this “open world of science fiction with supernatural elements”.
However, Jason Schreier commented that not all of these games will be offered on E3. The end of the story needs to be known very quickly as the army of conferences is coming very fast.

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