When did Microsoft Windows debut?

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When did Microsoft Windows debut?

Answer – 1985 – The GUI (pronounced “gooey”) revolutionized personal computing by making it accessible to the average person. GUI stands for graphical user interface and, as the name implies, it’s a type of interface that allows users to interact with a computer’s programming through the use of icons and buttons. Windows was not the first GUI on the market, and it had its fair of early stumbles, but it came to dominate the market in the 1990s. Where Apple’s GUI was a built-in operating system for their branded computers, Windows was able to be installed on DOS machines that met some very basic requirements. For minimal cost, existing computers that required users to type out and remember long strings of commands to navigate between files were able to be transformed into digital, point-and-click desktops. Windows 1.0 was released in November 1985, and came with pre-installed programs like Windows Write, a game called Reversi, Paint, and Notepad. At the time, it underwhelmed consumers, but it and its successor, Windows 2.0, laid the groundwork for the company’s 1990 Windows 3.0 release, which finally achieved widespread appeal and led to the creation of the well-known Windows 95.:


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