Where did cummerbunds originate?

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Where did cummerbunds originate?

Answer – India – Cummerbunds originated in India, where people customarily wore sashes around their waists. In India, they are known as “kamarbands” as “kamar” means “waist” in Hindi. In the 1850s, English soldiers stationed in India began adopting the waist sash as formal wear because traditional vests were way too hot in the Indian heat. This British military fashion caught on and, as tuxedos became popular, a matching black cummerbund was embraced. The purpose of the cummerbund is to cover the part of a dress shirt where the material can become bunched and unsightly. It is said that cummerbunds are correctly worn with the pleats facing upwards because this way, they are best able to catch any crumbs dropped during dining.:


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