Where is this magical spring?

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Where is this magical spring?

Answer – France – The Fosse Dionne is a small-town mystery. Located in the French village of Tonnerre, the karst spring emits 82 gallons of water per second from its underground source into this ancient well. The origins of the well are unknown, but anyone that’s come across the spring has considered it special. The spring was a source of drinking water for the Romans and was later turned into a bathhouse and amphitheater by the French. Some people even believe the spring is an otherworldly portal, while others believe a dangerous serpent lies in its depths. And maybe that’s the case, as divers have tried to discover the spring’s water source, but they’ve all perished in their attempt. Only one professional diver, Pierre-Éric Deseigne, reached the bottom of the well and lived to tell the tale, but unfortunately, he did not make it to the source.:


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