Amazon IFB Quiz Answers 2021 (Updated)

Amazon IFB Quiz Answers – Win ₹10,000. Participate Now and get IFB Amazon Quiz Answers.

Generally, this quiz is based on General knowledge and current affairs. This quiz has a set of 5 questions to be asked.

All you need to answer the all these 5 Questions correctly to enter into the lucky draw and stand a chance to win Exciting Rewards/Prizes.

I have given all the five (5) correct answers to the Amazon IFB Quiz, and these are the most accurate answers.

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Amazon IFB Quiz Answers – Win ₹10000

Amazon IFB Quiz Answers 2021 (Updated)

Below are the Correct Amazon IFB Quiz Answers. You can just go through these Answers and get enter into the lucky draw.

  • Answer #1: all of the above
  • Answer #2: Cradle Wash
  • Answer #3: All of the above
  • Answer #4: Oil Free Cooking Mode
  • Answer #5: 70°C

IFB Amazon Quiz Answers 2021

Below you can find all the Amazon IFB Quiz Questions and Answers. Just refer the attached Answers to the all 5 questions and win your prize.

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Q1: What is the promise offered by IFB’s Trishield protection?

Answer: all of the above

Q2: What is the name of the delicate wash program by IFB for your special clothes?

Answer: Cradle Wash

Q3: IFB AC’s Come with

Answer: All of the above

Q4: Which of the below functions would you use to make your favorite “SAMOSAS” ?

Answer: Oil Free Cooking Mode

Q5: In an IFB Dishwasher, at what temperature the hot water wash programme washes the utensils ?

Answer: 70°C

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All Amazon Quiz Answers (Live)

I have been provided all the Correct answer to the above quiz. I hope you found all the Amazon IFB Quiz Answers. I hope you won Prizes/Rewards for the Quiz.

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