Amazon Kapiva Wellness Quiz Answers Today

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Today’s Kapiva Wellness Quiz Quiz Answers are updated just now, and all the 5 answers for the all questions are given.

here is the list of all 5 correct amazon kapiva wellness quiz answers.

Here is the all 5 correct Questions and it’s Answers, just checkout through these Answers and claim your Rewards.

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Correct Answers for Amazon Kapiva Wellness Quiz Quiz

Q1: Is Amla Present In … … Oats – Homestyle Masala?

Answer: Yes

Q2: Kapiva Supergrain Oats Is Enriched With The 4 Whole Grains Kapiva Wellnessly – Oats, Ragi, Moong, Amaranth

Answer: TRUE

Q3: Kapiva Anandam Tea Is Enriched With The Following Ingredients – Lavender, Ashwagandha, Rose, Basil

Answer: TRUE

Q4: Kapiva Aanandam Tea Helps You Destress And Relax ?

Answer: TRUE

Q5: What Kind Of Tea Bag Does Kapiva Anandam Tea Contain ?

Answer: Pyramid Tea Bag

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