Fans will love Sonic Frontiers’ return to Sega

Fans will love Sonic Frontiers’ return to Sega

Thanks to a series of video extensions released by IGN, we got our first visit to the Sonic Frontiers game this week. Without the ban, the fan reactions were not particularly positive.

A somewhat cold reception

The hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers has been transformed into a trending topic on Twitter, indicating that a large section of people who follow this legendary character are not satisfied with what you currently see and like. The game needs to be restored so the Sonic team can do more.

For those who have an idea, a video dedicated to this world I unwittingly collected 50,000 ms on YouTube (compared to the 72,000 I liked), when I unknowingly linked it to more than 19,000 people (before its 35,000 likes). In the primary quizzes, fans label the animations as excellent, the world is very empty, and Sonic never gives the speed feature.

All this news contradicts the latest reports from Sega Property, yes des la la compaa aseguraban que conffiaban, which gets the best references representing the specific media available for selling games and is featured in this tutorial. The new axis that serves as the basis for the future adventures of the video game icon.

We offer Sonic Frontiers on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, Nintendo Switch and the world’s first adventure. Platform ”and, by default, collects angles. You can know this in advance.

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