Where is this royal pavilion?

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Where is this royal pavilion?

Answer – Brighton, United Kingdom – The city of Brighton might not seem like the setting for a Chinese-style palace, but George, the Prince of Wales, envisioned one in the British metropolis and brought it to life. As he set up camp at the seaside retreat for the wealthy in the late 18th century, George turned his obsession with East Asia into the Marine Pavilion with help from architect Henry Holland. After decorating the place with Chinese imports, hand-painted Chinese wallpaper, and a stunning, glass-domed roof, the Royal Pavilion took an even more decadent turn when George became Prince Regent in 1811. He turned the place into a palace, with Indian-style minarets, pinnacles, and domes upping the ante on the fa├žade, while opulent galleries and corridors formed the interior. Here, George held lavish parties and revived Brighton, expanding the once small town of around 3,500 residents into a bustling city of 40,000 people by the 1830s.:


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